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Form Auto Fill

Main Features:
› fill forms of any complexity
› automatically fill and submit forms
› autofill logins and passwords
› password manager
› safely keeps information
› advanced password generator
› saves forms of any complexity
› 'Batch mode'
› import files in CSV format

Whether you purchase online, fill registration forms, constantly fill and submit different forms or login websites,
Form Auto Fill helps you in any situation!

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Form Auto Fill supports
Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008, 2003, 2000, ME, 98
Supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Form filler & Password Manager software

Form filling and Password Manager software

Form Auto Fill - filling forms has never been easier!

Form AutoFill is a complete solution that saves your time by automatically filling web forms, automates password entering (autofill passwords, logins) and provides an easy way to save web forms of any complexity.

Download form filling and password manager software
Form Auto Fill supports Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer and Maxthon
Download autofill forms software

Why you need Form Auto Fill

• Tired of filling your name, address, e-mail address, etc in registration forms over and over again?
• Tired of entering login and password while accessing web mail account, bank account, etc?
• Spend much time filling forms when you register on different sites, open accounts, etc?
• Often purchase online? Tired of entering credit card and billing information? Want to store it in safe place and fill it automatically?
• Have you ever forgotten or lost your passwords?

Looking for an easy solution for filling forms? Try Form Auto Fill - automatic form filler and password manager!

- Form Auto Fill will help you fill any web form automatically.
- With one click you can save and fill web forms.
- You will never have to type login and password again - with Form Auto Fill software you can safely logon with just one click

Form AutoFill is advanced automatic fill forms software that saves your time when you fill online forms, login different sites, etc. Form Auto Fill software easily saves information you enter while filling forms and enters this information automatically every time you need to fill forms.

With automatic auto fill form software you will be able to fill forms of any complexity with one click.

Form Auto Fill main features

› Autosave web forms
Form Auto Fill provides an easy way to save web forms of any complexity, logins, passwords. Using hotkeys you can simplify the process of saving and filling web forms.

› Autofill forms
Form Auto Fill saves your time by automatically filling web forms with information from Forms you created. Just fill Form with necessary data once and Form Auto Fill will enter this data into web forms for you.
- Using Form Auto Fill you can fill forms and fill and submit forms automatically.
- "Fill only empty fields" option to fill only empty web form fields. This option is very useful if some fields already contain information and you need to save information in these fields. So Form Auto Fill inserts the corresponding information only in empty form fields.
- "Get full list of drop down fields" option. Using this option, you can save a full list of information stored in the "select" type field(s) so you can easily select the necessary data from the drop down list offline.
- While filling a web form FormAutoFill automatically selects a Form that matches a web page url.
- You can easily set delay between filling form and submitting information.
- While filling forms you can select "Form fields linking" rules: "by field name and field type" or "by field order number and field type" that greatly increases number of forms that can be filled using Form Auto Fill.
- For each web form you may set default fill form action depending on your needs ("No default action", "Fill form without asking", "Fill & Submit form without asking").

- 'Batch mode' for filling and submitting forms in cycle one by one. Now you may simplify your work - just select the group of forms you want to fill and submit automatically and set delay between filling and submitting forms in cycle.

FormAutoFill supports forms with more than one submit button. So you can easily select which submit button you want to apply while 'fill and submit' action

› Autofill logins and passwords
Using Form Auto Fill you can easily autofill logins and passwords on web pages, in registration forms, login windows, etc.

› Password Manager
Form Auto Fill safely stores your passwords, credit card details and other sensitive information that are often required while filling web forms.

› High informaiton security
With Form Auto Fill you may safely store all your logins, passwords, credit card numbers, and any other confidential information in one place.
Form Auto Fill protects your Forms information from others - all information is encrypted using AES 256-bit key encryption.

› Quick launch any website
Form Auto Fill lets you login to any site with one click. Just click 'Go' button and Form Auto Fill automatically opens necessary webpage where you can easily fill and submit form.

› Easily manage Forms and Forms information
With Form Auto Fill you can create lots of different Forms and easily manage forms information.
"Batch mode" to easily manage Forms and Forms information.
"Sort forms by name" feature.

› Advanced password generator
Advanced password generator to generate random passwords of any length. Form Auto Fill uses Universal Random Number Generator (URAND) subroutine for generating random passwords. Universal Random Number Generator (URAND) is a subroutine for generating uniformly-distributed floating-point numbers in the interval (0,1). URAND is guaranteed to have a full-length cycle.

› Export/import features
- Export/import Forms database - easily move Forms database between different PCs and program versions.
- Import forms information from files in CSV format. Now you can easily import information from any program e.g. Excel, Word, etc that allows to save data in CSV format.

Form Auto Fill - form autofill & password manager software

Supports Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer and Maxthon (MyIE2)

Form Auto Fill (Form AutoFill) is automatic form filling software. Form Auto Fill (Form AutoFill) is a complete solution that offers you an easy way to fill web forms automatically. Despite its advanced functionality Form Auto Fill is very easy to use. You can easily save web forms, efficiently manage Forms, fill and submit forms. Friendly user interface lets you start using our fill form software within minutes.

Download Fill form software. Download Form Auto Fill free

Form Auto Fill (Form AutoFill) is a great fill forms tool that allows you to automate the process of filling forms in Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer and Maxthon (MyIE2).

Form Auto Fill is automatic form fill and password manager software that allows you to fully automate filling forms, passwords, logins. Using our form filler software you can easily autosave and auto fill web form, auto login into sites.

Who needs Form Auto Fill

Form Auto Fill is developed for a wide range of users who want to simplify logon and filling forms.
Whether you need to purchase online, fill registration form, constantly submit different forms or login different sites - Form Auto Fill helps you in any situation! Form Auto Fill enables you to automatically fill online forms with one mouse-click, create various Forms templates, easily edit Forms, autofill logins and passwords, protect your sensitive data from prying eyes and much more

Form Auto Fill is multifunctional form filler software that can be used in many different ways. You can use Form Auto Fill to:
Login websites
Having trouble keeping lots of logins and passwords you need to login bank accounts, email accounts, etc.? Want to keep sensitive information in safe place where only you can access and use it? You do not need to remember all your logins and passwords anymore - all you need is only password for Form Auto Fill. Form Auto Fill 'form filler' feature will fill out login form for you. Save information in Form(s) when you visit website first time and next time you visit the web site Form Auto Fill will fill all logon information for you.
Generate really strong passwords
Like most computer users, you need lots of passwords: for your computer, bank accounts, Internet services. Remembering all of them is not easy. That's why some users create passwords that are easily to remember (using birth date, dog's name, or some other obvious choice) and, unfortunately, so easily guessable. Easily guessable passwords can become a great weakness in your computer security. Using Form Auto Fill you do not have to think about creating strong passwords and storing them. Form Auto Fill will do it for you. Using 'Password generator' module you can easily generate really strong passwords and safely store them.
Fill forms while purchasing
Nowadays using a credit card it is possible to buy everything you need without leaving your home. Enhance your Internet shopping experience. Use Form Auto Fill to fill web forms. Save your time filling forms automatically!
Registration and application forms
Tired of typing your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number into registration forms over and over again?
Using Form Auto Fill you don't need to enter your personal information (name, address, e-mail, telephone etc.) into registration forms manually. Form filler module fills in the information for you. Form Auto Fill can fill in web form of any complesity. You can create and store as many Forms as you need.
Additional features for advanced users
Need to fill lots of forms every day? Form Auto Fill offers lots of advanced options to make your work easier ('Batch mode', form fields linking rules, 'Get full list of drop down fields' option and more)

Fill forms FAQ

Form fields' types

Text type - the value of this type of field is a single line text
Textarea type - the value of this type of field is multi-line text
Password type - the value of this type of field is text organized in such a way when all characters are hidden (e.g. series of asterisks)
Checkbox type - there are two values of this type of field - checked and unchecked
Radio button type - radio buttons are united in groups with the same control name, they are mutually exclusive: when one is checked, all other radio buttons with the same control name are unchecked.
Select type - the value of this type of field is single value or a list of values
Hidden type - fields of this type are not visible on the web page but their values are submitted with a form. These fields are generally used to store information between client/server exchanges, user identification, preferences, etc.

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